Hotel #1

Please Note:

  • A non-refundable and non-transferable $150 or $200 Deposits is required.  One family member from your room will pay the $150 or $200 deposit to lock in your room.
  • Prices are Per Family and include 2-3 night accommodations, events, meals, and taxes.
  • Guest Request:
    • Hotel Request: If you would like to be near another room, please make the request on the registration page under Hotel Request.  We will accept request until May 10th, 2021.
  • To check-in 1 individual from each room is required to put at least one credit card or debit card on file for incidentals.
  • Your room must keep up with the Payment Schedule. If you are late making any payments you may be subject to be dropped from the trip, and refunds will be provided according to our Cancellation Policy.
  • We send all trip important reminders and updates via email, once you have signed up. So please make sure to provide the correct email address when booking your room.
  • After May 10th, 2021 we will not be able make any adjustments, replacements, or name changes to guest rooms, regardless of transportation issues, job conflicts, or health reasons.
  • Any changes to your room must be submitted via email, We cannot make changes to your room over the phone. There must be documentation of all changes to your room.